Create your own space to manage dry eye (MGD)

Looking for a working solution for dry eye patients?

Dry eye syndrome is already affecting around 20% of the population, due to factors like air-conditioning, pollution, allergies or computer work. That means, with the increasing number of dry eye patients, fast and effective solutions are becoming more and more important. These days, full waiting rooms and lots of treatments are no longer a rarity. But creating your own DRY EYE CENTER within your medical practice is quite simple and requires only two steps:
Diagnose Dry Eye
Manage Dry Eye
It is an easy way to handle and satisfy dry eye patients in a short period of time with little equipment and space required. All you need is:
  • A small space,
  • a reliable diagnosis,
  • an effective treatment
  • and only a few minutes time.

How to manage dry eye patients

1) Diagnose dry eye

Diagnoses is one of the most important factures when it comes to the management of dry eye. Meibomian Gland Dysfunction is a complex condition that can sometimes be difficult to diagnose. Therefore, appropriate equipment is essential to interpret the symptoms quickly and correctly.

Current devices from SBM Sistemi for Meibography, from Tearlab for Osmolarity or the I-PEN ®, enable an easy and fast diagnosis, that allows patients to get a fast clarification of their symptoms.

2) Manage dry eye

To manage dry eye means to clarify the symptoms and to cure the dry eye syndrome in the most effective way. E>Eye offers a technological and long-lasting solution with a short treatment protocol.
  • Just 3 to 4 sessions
    • Only a few minutes per session
    • Short treatment protocol
      • Day 0
      • Day 15
      • Day 45
      • Day 75 (optional)
  • Efficacy in 85% of cases
  • Lasting effects
    • Over 3 years of 60% of patients
  • Cumulative effects
    • The long-lasting results are due to more sessions done
E-Eye in situation


See pictures of our DRY EYE CENTER in Paris


We were exhibiting at Optrafair from April 14-16 and presented our new concept on “How to create your own space to manage dry eye (MGD)”. Here are some impressions of the booth!
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