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This helpdesk has been designed with our clients’ needs in mind. We’re here to help you throughout every step of your ESW Vision experience. Sales, technical, marketing and other services are available to you through this page.

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Buying your E-Eye

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Dry eye treatment by pulsed light with E-Eye

  • How does E-Eye affect the meibomian glands?
  • Is it really effective?
  • Is it painful?

Before treatment with E-Eye

  • Is it easy to use?
  • How often should I schedule my patient’s sessions?
  • On which parts of the body do I perform the treatment?
  • Do I flash on scars?
  • Should the gel be applied before flashing, and what exactly is it for?

During treatment with E-Eye

  • Why should ‘Mask’ glasses be worn?
  • Is it essential for the patient to wear the protective eye mask shells?
  • For maximum efficiency, should the same area be passed over several times?
  • How long does one session last?

After treatment with E-Eye

  • Do I have to/can I apply cream on my patient at the end of the session?
  • Can my patient sunbathe after a session with E-Eye?
  • My device no longer flashes / I’m out of flashes; where and how can I buy some more?
  • How can I change my cartridge?
  • How can I change my filter?
  • How can I update the software on my device?

Can I use E-Eye in the following cases?

  • My patient is undergoing medical treatment
  • My patient has diabetes
  • My patient has skin problems (psoriasis/eczema shingles)
  • My patient has sensitive skin/is allergic to many creams
  • My patient is pregnant
  • My patient is breast-feeding
  • My patient has dark or black skin
  • My patient is tanned
  • My patient is a minor
  • My patient has moles, a tattoo or permanent make-up

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  • Delivery methods and shipping costs

Aftersales support and returns

  • Contacting aftersales support
  • Aftersales support timeframe
  • Returning a device
  • Changing your mind