A revolution is born.

Designed to create a new standard for dry eye analysis with 2 completely new patented examinations (TFSE® & OSIE®).



tearcheck® provides the following exams:

Ocular Surface Inflammatory Risk Evaluation

Tear Film Stability Evaluation / Non-Invasive Breakup Time






D-BUT (not yet accessible)


Ocular Surface Inflammatory Risk Evaluation

  • Shows increased risk of inflammation
  • Exact dimension and score of the dryness
  • The new standard tool for eye surgeons and lense-opticians


Tear Film Stability Evaluation/Non-Invasive Breakup Time

  • Share the same imaging sequence
  • Shows the micro-movements of the tear film
  • Quick: Evaluation over 10 seconds
  • Gives the user an exact score of dryness

Abortive Blinking

  • shows all blinks identified over the acquisition time (expected 1 minute).
  • determines the structure of the identified blinks: complete or incomplete blinks.

Eye Redness

  • makes it possible to assess hyperemia caused by dry eye induced inflammatory processes
  • re-assess the patients as the treatment progresses


  • enlarged image capturing the base of the eyelashes
  • makes it possible to trace and visualize the signs of demodex presence

Meibography IR

  • makes it possible to visualize the Meibomian Glands
  • shows the rate of gland loss (in %)
  • shows the morphology of the glands present

Tear Meniscus

  • shows the height of the tear meniscus
  • two values are calculated: measurement below the iris center and thickest measurement

Eye Fitness Test

  • provides an overview of the patient’s eye fitness in everyday life

Dr. Luca VIGO
Carones Vision, Milan/Italy

tearcheck® is easy to use and very impressive for patients! Showing them the results and allowing a better therapy compliance!

Dr. Nina Asrini NOOR
JEC Eye Hospital @ Kedoya, Jakarta, Indonesia

When it comes to dry eyes, tearcheck® is a simple yet great tool. It provides important information about the tearfilm and ocular surface condition.

Dr Aloysius Joseph LOW
Vista Eye Specialist, Malaysia

Based on the results of the MEIBOGRAPHY and NIBUT/TFSE obtained from tearcheck®, I can confidently advise my patients on the most appropriate treatment for their Dry Eye Disease and that includes the advanced technology E-Eye.

Unique usability

  • Touchscreen display
  • Fully automatic
  • Wireless use
  • Wireless data transfer & print

Brand new technology

2 high-resolution cameras inside providing top sharp and high-resolution images and videos to allow fast and clear examinations.
Designed and developed by E-SWIN – made in France.

Quick start

Quick start

Completely installed, printer and tablet included

Easy to use

Easy to use

Self-explaining handling


A few minutes only for complete examination

Concept Design 2019

Presented 2019 –
design studies for future product generations

Presentation Video / concept design 2019

tearcheck 1st generation / available table-mounted