1st ESW vision Dry Eye Management Symposia

Presentation of Post-Market Clinical Follow-up Study of Dry Eye Analysis.
Validation of the Interpretation Grading Scale for examination of Dry Eye Disease.

It is our great pleasure to announce first ESW vision Symposia, presenting an impressive Post-Market Clinical Follow-up Study. A board of excellent speakers will talk about the importance of smart and quick screening, implementing the Grading Scale to identify easy and efficient the Symptomatic and Asymptomatic patient and to choose the proper treatment protocol.

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05:30-06:00 pm: Welcome Cocktail
06:00-06:45 pm: Presentations
06:45-07:30 pm: Round Table
07:30-08:00 pm: Get together


Importance of Dry Eye screening and treatment
Dr. Andrés BENATTI, Dry Eye Spa
Clinica de Ojo Oftalmo University – Cordoba, Argentina

Global overview of the PMCF study of Dry Eye analysis
Dr. Liliana NOBREGA, Oftalmocenter Clínica de Olhos, Vitoria – Brazil – Main Investigator

Personal Experience in Dry Eye Management
Dr. Sinziana ISTRATE (ROU),
Dr. Aloysius Joseph LOW (MYS),
Prof. Charalambos S. SIGNAOS (GRC),
Dr. Andrés BENATTI (ARG)